Labs Cropped

Computer labs are a great amenity that let your residents' work, read email, or catch up on social media. But what good is a computer lab if the computers are slow, contract viruses, or have software in need of critical updates? Who is going to keep things running smoothly if you don't have a dedicated IT department?

Public computer labs installed by IQ Machines are different... they keep running smoothly no matter what your residents throw at them. Whether you want a computer lab that features PCs, MACs, or a combination of both, ours are always designed for reliable operation in a public environment. Our labs feature:

  • Automatic Daily Restoration - no matter what happens during the day, every night all computers in the lab are restored to a bit-perfect copy of their original state.
  • Automatic Software Updates - software updates are automatically managed for both operating systems and applications - your computers will not become out of date.
  • Full Software Suite - A full array of productivity software is included for residents... all the most popular programs are already installed.
  • Temporary installation of software - Our computers are not "locked-down" like those in many public labs; if a resident needs to install a particular software package for one-time use, no problem. Once the resident logs out, the computer will automatically restore to its original state to prevent possible problems resulting from the installation. Its the best of both worlds - residents can install software when needed without compromising the reliability of the lab for others.
  • Remote Support - In the event of an unforeseen issue, IQ Machines can take control of the computers in the lab and perform complex maintenance tasks without taking the computer offline.
  • The Best Installation - Computer labs installed by IQ Machines feature unusual attention to detail. Our designs conceal everything that does not need to be seen or touched... no wires, cords or power supplies will clutter your lab space. Everything looks great so that the lab is an attractive asset for your property now and in the future.

If your property needs computing facilities, you need IQ Machines.